You have received a text message or letter asking that you book an appointment with the surgery for your annual health review.
(If you haven’t received any reminder, please disregard this page).

Please read the information below carefully to help ensure that you get the most out of your appointment as possible and that your trip to the Wilmslow Health Centre goes smoothly.

1. Book your appointment

Please call 01625-548-555 to book your appointment. Let the receptionist know that you have received a letter/SMS text message asking you to book an appointment for an annual review. These reviews are now usually performed during the month of your birth. The receptionist will book you in with the most appropriate clinician for your condition(s).

2. Come prepared

Annual health review appointments quite often require blood pressure readings, the taking of blood or foot checks if you are diabetic. It would help the clinician considerably if :

(a) you wear a short sleeved top or T-shirt to facilitate these procedures.

(b) drink a couple of glasses of water before your appointment.

(c) tell the clinician if you are allergic to latex or plasters.

(d) firmly hold the swab in place for 3 minutes after blood has been taken and whilst the paperwork is done. This will help clotting and reduce bruising.

(e) bring home blood pressure readings with you. Many people suffer from “white coat syndrome” whereby blood pressure readings taken in clinic are unduly high. Please click here for instructions on how to measure your blood pressure at home.

(f) Please come with clean and well dried feet and toes when attending your diabetes review as your feet will be examined by the clinician.

3. Parking

Wilmslow Health Centre has a large car park for patients to use but during busy periods, please allow plenty of time to park in the adjacent streets or nearby Sainsbury’s Car Park if our car park is full.

4. Punctuality

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we will be running a strict appointment schedule to ensure that the risk of patients being infected by Coronavirus is reduced as much as possible. This will involve limiting the number of people allowed in to the surgery at any one time and strict social distancing within the waiting areas of the surgery.

It is essential therefore that:
you do not arrive later than your appointment time
you do not arrive more than 5 minutes earlier than appointment time

The unpredictable nature of medicine does occasionally result in clinicians running late and sometimes you may be requested to wait within your car until you are called into the surgery in person or by phone (please keep your mobile phone switched on).

5. Checking in

On your arrival at the health centre, please enter the building and report to reception. The receptionist team will check you in and give you further instructions.
Please ensure that you have responded to the symptoms questionnaire texted to you within 24 hours of your appointment time. If you haven’t responded to the text, you may not be allowed into the building.
Your temperature may be checked by personnel as you enter the premises.

6. Stay Safe

(a) Please wear a face mask throughout your visit to the surgery. There is a global shortage of face masks and if you are unable to get hold of one, the video below shows how you can make your own, without the need for any sewing.

(b) Use hand sanitiser. If you do not have your own, please use the dispensers in the reception area.

(c) Practice social distancing. Only use the seats marked with a green square. Do not use the seats taped off with red tape.

(d) Come alone when at all possible to reduce crowding and reduce the risk of contamination. Carers and partners will not usually be allowed into the surgery.

(d) Do not linger in reception after your appointment. Any medication or appointment queries can still to be done over the phone when you have left the building.

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