Wilmslow Health Centre’s Dr Amar Ahmed collected a prestigious international award for Innovation in Healthcare in Central London.

I’m honoured to be here and humbled, but behind me is a fantastic team.

On behalf of the whole team at Wilmslow Health Centre, the clinicians and all our support staff, a huge thank you!

Primary care in the UK does an amazing job. We do 90% of the work in the NHS on less than 10% of the total budget. The challenges we face are many and are only going to get worse.

Now, more than ever, technology and innovation can and DO make a difference.

We are but a small example of doing things differently and thriving in a challenging environment.

Thank you again for your support and a special thanks to my wonderful family whose support remains invaluable.

Dr Amar Ahmed

Congratulations to all the other winners whose achievements were also celebrated on the evening including Professor Shamin Khan OBE, Professor Mo Baugneid, Prof John Devine, Prof Colin Maciver, Dr Shera Chok, Dr Teresa Castiello and many more!

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