Adapted from @Dr_Kasaraneni

If you are a patient who is struggling to access GP services, here is why:

  1. We are 50,000 doctors short in the NHS and we have one of the worst ratios of doctors to patients in the OECD Countries.
Graph to show number of doctors to patients

2. There weren’t enough #GPs before #Covid and the numbers have continued to drop.

Graph to show numbers of GPs falling

3. As a result, fewer GPs are having to deal with more patients.

Graph to show fall in number of GPs to Patients
FTE=Full Time Equivalent

4. Now add in the issue with #GP Premises, as of 2018: – GP premises were on average 35 years old – so, fit for 1980s not 2020s! – Only half of GP practice premises were fit for present needs. – Just over 2 in 10 practices were fit for the future needs.

5. The profession is on it’s knees: 51% of #GPs are currently suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, emotional distress or another mental health condition.

6. In 2005/06 #GeneralPractice received around 9.6% of the NHS budget. By 2017, it fell to 8.1% – that’s a short fall of £1.8 billion which shows the extent of the problem. (Approx. 90% of all NHS encounters occur in General Practice)

7. In addition, the clinical work is now more complex as the population gets older.

8. So, can the government afford to invest in the #NHS and #SupportYourSurgery ?

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