Residents of East Cheshire are now able to refer themselves to free NHS Counselling and Psychotherapy services by simply calling Talking Therapies on the following number:

01625 469 955 (Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

You don’t need to see a GP or nurse beforehand.

Do You need psychotherapy or counselling?

Many people experience problems with how they think and feel at some point in their lives.

Life changing events like losing a job, an accident, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic incident or just moving house can lead to difficult feelings that can be hard to cope with.

Sometimes, there may be no event that has triggered how you are feeling – this is common too.

These experiences can lead to problems with our mental health. Problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, panicking, nervousness, isolation and not being to sleep make it difficult for us to cope with life’s daily demands.

If you live in Eastern Cheshire (Alderley Edge, Bollington, Chelford, Congleton, Disley, Handforth, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Poynton and Wilmslow) and are over the age of 18, Talking Therapies is here to help you take control of your life and feel better.

What is Talking Therapies?

Talking Therapies helps with everyday issues that affect your mental well-being, as well as professional support for more serious mental health difficulties.

How can Talking Therapies help me?

Talking Therapies have a team of advisors and therapists who will help you overcome difficulties or manage them better. They are friendly and approachable, and will make sure that you see the right person for your situation. They offer easy access to practical support and a range of proven therapies, including counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, or guided online therapy.

Talking Therapies can help you:

Address current problems
Gain a new understanding of your difficulties and develop new ways of coping
Make positive changes in your life
Talk about your difficulties in a non judgemental and supportive environment.
Call them directly on 01625 469 955 (You don’t need a referral from your GP).

They are open Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm (excluding Bank Holidays).


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