Empowering Patient Decisions

with accurate, clearly presented medical information

The Liver-RCT has been designed to be used by clinicians with patients and their families. It is a communication tool and should not be used by itself to make decisions.  

Patients should use Liver-RCT in consultation with a medical professional.

Only adult (aged ≥16 years) patients have been used to the develop the tool; it is not suitable for paediatric patients due to the small number of patients involved which would not generate robust models. Patients who were not eligible for National Health Service (NHS) treatment and adult patients registered (for clinical reasons) on a paediatric waiting list were not included. Patients registered on another organ transplant list (eg, kidney list) either before, during or after their liver registration were also not included. The results from the Liver-RCT will therefore not be suitable for patients from outside the UK or for those patients who fall outside these inclusion criteria. 

This tool has been developed using retrospective registry data (See Datasets used in technical section). Changes to the UK Liver Offering Scheme in March 2018 are reflected in these models. 

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