Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lock-down, there has been a band of public-spirited, hard-working volunteers (listed below in no particular order) who have been instrumental in allowing Wilmslow Health Centre and the adjacent Well Pharmacy to continue to deliver essential community health services to the people of Wilmslow.

These volunteers manned the entrance to the car-park and organised the sometimes substantial crowds of waiting patients into safely manageable queues.

They delivered thousands of items of medication to the elderly, housebound and vulnerable.

They endured whatever the British weather threw at them.

Despite coming into close proximity of a medical centre treating suspected Covid-19, these volunteers carried on regardless without fear for their own safety.

Some of them even cooked and delivered food for those in genuine need, right here in Wilmslow. For eleven weeks (and in some cases continuing) , this band of volunteers played an essential role in the fight against Covid-19.

In particular we’d like to thank Rev. Kirsty Thorpe and the United Reformed Church as well as James Bunker who organised the various teams so well. We all salute them and thank them for all their hard work and for bringing Wilmslow together as a community.

Roll of Honour:

Kirsty Thorpe

James Bunker

Martin Smith

Hayley Grove

Kerrie Hewitt

Paul O’Neil

Lynne Leng

Kiri Mitchell

Ellie Baxter

Alan Baxter

Anne Roberts

Tony Hopwood

Bethan Weston

Diane McVey

Rachel Foster

Meryl Spencer

Natalie Robinson

Melanie Wilkinson

Shirley Thorniley

Sarah West

Jo MacGowan

Tracy Irwin

Ilana Higham

Hannan Sarwar

Diane Atkinson

Peggy Arnell

Simon Behar

Ken Bishop

Peter Bradley

Carole Carne

Susan Harrison

Barbara Medcalfe

Fiona Morris

Rosalind Scott

Helen Scott-Martin

Ken Wallace

Wendy Williams

Fiona Wood

Richard Wood

Thank you all!

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