Rescue packs are only for those whose management plans stipulate them

The latest potentially misleading information doing the rounds is that requesting your GP to issue a rescue pack of steroids and antibiotics will protect you from Covid-19.

Taking steroids if not indicated, if the breathlessness is caused by Covid-19, may well make things worse.

Inappropriate requests for unnecessary medication could lead to supply problems for patients who genuinely require these medications and divert valuable NHS staff time from patients most in need.

Only patients who are in possession of an asthma or COPD plan, that stipulates the necessity of a rescue pack, will be issued with them.

Rescue packs remain important for brittle asthmatics or those with severe COPD and there is currently no evidence that inhaled steroids increase the risks associated with Covid-19 infection so patients should continue with these medications as directed.

For more information on asthma and coronavirus, click here.

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