Covid vaccinations started without delay this week as soon as the first delivery of vaccine was deployed to Wilmslow.

Well done to all involved!

As the delivery site for CHAW Primary Care Network, Wilmslow Health Centre hosted medical teams from Chelford Surgery, Alderley Edge Medical Practice, Kenmore Medical Centre, Handforth Health Centre and, of course, Wilmslow Health Centre, to make a fantastic start to the area’s covid vaccination programme.

In the coming weeks, we hope to roll this out to the entire eligible population, starting with those most at risk.

Wilmslow Health Centre remains indebted to the army of volunteers organised by James Bunker and Rev Kirsty Thorpe who, just as during the 1st lockdown, selflessly rose to the the challenge of recruiting and organising volunteers who did an amazing job in challenging conditions. Thank you all.

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