Patients can be referred by GPs to the NHS Ultrasound Scanning Service and for echocardiography at Wilmslow Health Centre easily via the NHS E-Referral System, in the following way:

  1. Open the E-Referral Portal with the patient selected.
  2. Ignore “clinical term.”
  3. (a) Choose “Diagnostic Imaging” in the Speciality field for Ultrasound
    (b) Choose “Diagnostics physiological measurement” for Echo.
  4. (a) Choose “Ultrasound” in the Clinic Type field and choose the type of  ultrasound scan.
    (b)  Choose “Cardiac Physiology-Echocardiogram” in Clinic Type field to chose an echo.
  5. Priority can be routine or urgent.
  6. Click on search all button at bottom of screen.
  7. Choose our service which is the only one located at Wilmslow Health Centre.

Please note indicative wait times may read as “limited availability” but wait times are usually no more than 10 working day (less for urgent).

Screenshots coming soon.

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