new ent and urology service at wilmslow health centre

In November 2011, published an article about the launch of yet more specialist services at Wilmslow Health Centre:

“A new Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic has launched at Wilmslow Health Centre enabling patients to seek a specialist opinion and treatment from a Manchester Royal Infirmary consultant.

Dr Amar Ahmed a partner at Wilmslow Health Centre said “ENT is one of the specialties that can be easily run in a community setting as long as you have the correct facilities. We have invested in equipment as well as new rooms and an operating theatre so that most ENT conditions can be seen and treated here.”

A whole list of conditions can now be treated at the Wilmslow centre including tinnitus, glue ear, grommet insertion surgery, sinusitis, recurrent tonsillitis and voice disorders.

A Community Urology service was also launched at Wilmslow Health Centre recently which will be provided in partnership with University Hospital South Manchester (Wythenshaw) and delivered by a leading Consultant Urologist. Common urological conditions include incontinence, urinary retention, kidney stones and prostrate, bladder, renal and testicular cancers.

Dr Amar Ahmed said “Following the completion of our new building project earlier this year, we are delighted to have some of the Northwest’s leading consultants surgeons delivering new services for our patients. Our new partners include South Manchester University Hospital, Wrightington Hospital, Macclesfield Hospital and Manchester Surgical Services. Patients from across East Cheshire now have the opportunity to get rapid access, high quality hospital care for a wide range of conditions in a convenient community setting, six days a week. ”

Wilmslow Health Centre now offers a range of secondary services including an Orthopaedic Hand Surgery, Ultrasound Scanning, Echocardiography and Gynaecology and they are planning to introduce at least two more secondary care services next year.

Cheshire East Council have now taken over the Remenham Car Park, at the adjacent Council Offices site, and introduced parking charges. This means there are now over 100 parking spaces available to patients.”

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