Phase One Complete!

We are pleased to announce completion of Phase One of our Covid-19 Vaccination Programme ensuring that all higher risk populations of patients have now received two doses of Covid vaccine. Countless lives have been saved and even more chronic covid-related illnesses have been prevented.

Thank You To All Our Staff!

We would like to thank our dedicated staff who have moved mountains to deliver this vital service, alongside their usual General Practice workload that has itself increased immensely during the pandemic. They have stoically worked weekends, evenings and bank holidays and cancelled their annual leave to deliver this vital programme to ensure that our patients received as much protection against Covid-19 as possible, as quickly as possible.

Sky News Live from Wilmslow Health Centre

Thank You To All Our Volunteers!

The army of volunteers made it happen!

Our army of amazing volunteers braved every extreme that the Great British weather could throw at them to provide invaluable help in looking after our patients. A huge Thank-you to each and every one who took part!

Thank You To All Our Supporters!

We were truly blessed to receive support from local celebrities who lent their weight to supporting our vaccination programme and encouraging as many people as possible to get jabbed. Thank You all for your time and wise words of encouragement!

The Battle Continues

The National Vaccination Programme is still not complete. Phase Two of the programme continues at local mass vaccination centres such as that at Alderley Park. Please dial 119 or visit the link below to book your vaccination as soon as possible when you are eligible.

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