The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Listening to the views of patients and staff helps identify what is working well, what can be improved and how.

Here are the latest submissions:

Overall, how was your experience of our service?Why did you give this answer?Can we do anything better?Entry Date
Very GoodIssue dealt with efficiently and fast18th October 2023 10:16 am
Very Good18th October 2023 10:15 am
Very GoodI didn’t have to wait . The nurse I saw was very personable and explained everything she was doing and whyNot from my last visit18th October 2023 10:14 am
Very GoodPrompt appointment for an issue that could have been serious. Doctor very professional and caring and took the time to answer any questions.18th October 2023 10:13 am
Very GoodHelpful and friendly staff,answered my questionsNo13th October 2023 7:30 am
GoodColleagues at the Centre place
Efforts and
Engage patients
Explain the issues and
Encourage to look after for better health
You are doing good in current economic restraints and marshalling a patient centred delivery.11th October 2023 1:33 pm
GoodIt is good but there are occasions when it could be better11th October 2023 10:19 am
Very GoodShort wait time, kind nurse, helped henry cheer up after the shot11th October 2023 9:38 am
Very Good11th October 2023 9:26 am
Good11th October 2023 9:12 am
Very GoodI was treated with a lot of respect and dignity, nurse listened to me, she never tried to just get me out of the room to get the next patient in, good experienceNot your fault, but waiting almost a month to get some bloods taken, I don’t think is right, but again, that’s not the surgery’s fault11th October 2023 8:59 am
Very Good11th October 2023 8:58 am
Very GoodVery helpful & Conciseno11th October 2023 8:57 am
Very GoodFriendly, on time, efficient and concise advice11th October 2023 8:57 am
Very GoodWe are pleased of the whole experience from booking reservations to the treatment. Thank you very much WHC!9th October 2023 10:34 am
GoodLong queue in rain. Expecting pneumonia jab along with flu but pneumonia vaccine has run out.Arrange more supplies5th October 2023 1:47 pm
Very Good5th October 2023 1:28 pm
Very Good4th October 2023 7:30 pm
Very GoodSarah is a brilliant diabetic nurse and is very knowledgeable and helpful4th October 2023 10:15 am
GoodGood remind to the patient.Maintaining good service now.3rd October 2023 7:22 pm
Goodgood remind to the patient.Maintain3rd October 2023 7:19 pm
Very GoodAs always first class serviceAll was great3rd October 2023 3:55 pm
Very GoodEfficient time for flu jab doingFor the flu jab, nothing3rd October 2023 3:23 pm
Very Good3rd October 2023 2:34 pm
Very GoodQuick to give appointments when required and good communication and careNo3rd October 2023 1:18 pm
GoodI attended for a follow up which was actually relating to a minor procedure I have months ago even though I assumed it was for X-rays I had had a few weeks agoIt would’ve been good to have the X-ray results so that the appointment could’ve been more productive and killed two birds with one stone but I understand the fact that those results being so delayed is out of your control.3rd October 2023 1:08 pm
Very GoodThe midwife was great and very supportive, her name was Lorraine and she had indeed put me at ease during the examination, very friendly and professional. Great assets to Wilmslow Health Centre.Not that I am aware of3rd October 2023 12:46 pm
Very Good3rd October 2023 12:46 pm
Very GoodThe staff were fantastic and should be acknowledged for their professionalismCar park possibly but understandable.3rd October 2023 12:30 pm
Very GoodPleasant and thoroughBetter arrangements for giving vaccines.3rd October 2023 12:02 pm
Very GoodMinimal waiting time. Personable practice nurse. Painless bloods.Fix the sticky door and the erratic sign-in
technology in reception. Monitor carpark
usage. It’s frequently full ?
1st October 2023 9:16 am
Good27th September 2023 4:35 pm
Very GoodBecause the experience was through .26th September 2023 10:04 pm