Your doctor has arranged for you to be assessed further at Wilmslow Health Centre, Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5HX.

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On arriving at Wilmslow Health Centre, your car registration number will be used to identify you as you enter the car park.

As you enter the car park, you will be given a surgical mask. Please put on the mask immediately and keep it on at all times until you leave the site.

Please stay in your car until you receive further instructions from the doctor who will call you on your phone. Please keep your phone on and near you at all times.

Please wear loose clothing in case you need to be examined.

The clinician assessing you will be wearing protective equipment to ensure your safety and theirs. The clinical examination will take place as you sit in your car. Examination will be adequate but minimal to reduce possible contagion.

As soon as the examination is finished, please close your car window and await a further discussion with the clinician on your mobile phone.

Please do not bring any additional people (other than the driver) to this appointment.

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