The Wilmslow Health Centre Diabetes team would like to invite our eligible patients with Type 2 diabetes to express their interest in taking part in an exciting research opportunity. This research project will look into the potential beneficial outcomes of using a care planning and communications app in addition to the diabetes care we offer .

We are working as part of a group of practice sites all over East Cheshire taking part in this research . If you are reading this because you have been invited by text message and you wish to find out more or register your interest please contact us via our online consultation platform by clicking the button below .

Project Summary

This project will look at how a personalised experience , delivered through a mobile and web app can improve lifestyle and behavioural outcomes for patients living with type 2 diabetes. It will look at how the delivery of care plans for diabetes which include patient information/ demographics , structured education, advice on diet and lifestyle and the use of local services through digital tools may improve the control and management of type 2 diabetes.

We will explore how the mobile app and the platform performs, how it can provide action plans and shared decision making tools that enable clinicians across the whole care journey to deliver better patient outcomes. The project will consider both the clinical team’s and patient’s experience .

The process requires an initial visit to go through the trial information and ensure that you are suitable for participating. This is where we complete consent forms and randomise participants into those who will use the app based platform and those who will continue on their regular diabetes check up and care. You will receive a survey from the trial team to complete at the start and after six months. We will also be monitoring blood sugar levels, height , weight and blood pressure at intervals of 6 months whilst the trial is ongoing.

This Clinical trial is delivered by Healum who will be reviewing data from the app based platform and the patient’s medical records whilst taking part into research project.

To participate you must have a smart mobile phone and are able to navigate and use mobile applications

  • If you have an android mobile phone minimum version of the software needs to be 5.0
  • For Apple mobile phones the minimum iOS version needs to be version 12

Find out more at

When contacting us please include ” I am interested in the Diabetes Clinical Trial ” in your subject heading

We will be in contact within 4 weeks to discuss your participation

Thank you

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