It Is IMPORTANT you read the following information

It is ESSENTIAL that there has been no pregnancy risk on the date of your coil insertion.  If you have been at risk of pregnancy then your appointment will need to be cancelled.  Please either carefully use a reliable form of contraception in the weeks prior to your coil appointment OR abstain from sexual intercourse from the date of your last period.  Generally, it is advisable not to have sexual intercourse 7 days before and for 7 days after your fitting procedure

If there is any risk of a sexually transmitted infection (for example, with a change of sexual partner or if you have any symptoms of concern) then please arrange to have a sexually transmitted infection screen by your own GP in good time so that the results are back before your coil appointment.  If you consider yourself not to be at any risk of sexually transmitted infection there is no need to have this checked

Please review important information about the coil using the following links;  (for hormonal coils – Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess)  (for the non-hormonal coil)

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