Urgent Announcement

Reduced Capacity for Routine Appointments

As instructed by Her Majesty’s Government last week, GP surgeries in East Cheshire will be running at reduced capacity from now until 31st January 2022 to facilitate the delivery of the COVID-19 booster vaccination programme.

Routine services will not be available during this time at GP surgeries across Cheshire.

We ask that patients be kind to our staff, they are working extremely hard in unprecedented circumstances, and we thank you for your support and patience during this pandemic.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

emergency alert

Genuine Emergencies Only

Please contact the surgery only if absolutely necessary.
If you are unsure, please contact NHS 111 or your community pharmacy for advice.
If you have a life threatening emergency, dial 999.

NHS 111

NHS 111 is available for minor ailments such as colds, urinary infections, conjunctivitis and other ailments. NHS111 can tell you:

  • where to get help for your symptoms, if you’re not sure what to do.
  • how to find general health information and advice.
  • where to get an emergency supply of your prescribed medicine.
  • how to get a repeat prescription.

Community Pharmacies

Pharmacies can give treatment advice about a range of common conditions and minor injuries, such as:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • coughs
  • colds
  • flu
  • earache
  • cystitis
  • skin rashes
  • teething
  • red eye

If you want to buy an over-the-counter medicine, the pharmacist and their team can help you choose.

A number of pharmacies in East Cheshire also provide a Minor Ailments Treatment Service:

Self Care Section Website

Please visit the Self Care section of our website for advice on how to self-treat many common medical conditions including:

1.Common cold

2. Eczema

3. Heartburn and indigestion

4. Fever in children

5. Constipation

6. Headache and migraine

7. Coughs

8. Acne

9. Sprains and strains

10. Sore throat

11. Otitis media
(Middle Ear Infection)

12. Back Pain

13. Sinusitis

14. Urine symptoms in men

Self care for Children

The links below contain useful advice on how to care for children with minor illnesses:

Self Refer for Free NHS Physio

Patients no longer require a GP appointment to access free, NHS physiotherapy.

Patients are now able to refer themselves directly to physiotherapy by using the button below:

Self Refer for Free NHS talking therapies

Talking Therapies can help you with everyday issues that affect your mental wellbeing, as well as professional support for more serious mental health difficulties. Self refer at the link below:

Covid Booster Vaccinations

We will be inviting eligible patients, in order of clinical risk, for their booster doses directly as we receive more vaccine.

Please do not contact the surgery to enquire about when you will be called in for your vaccination.

Whilst access to GP appointments locally has been better than in many parts of the country, getting an appointment with your primary health care clinician has been more difficult than usual. Click below to find out why…

Please note that Wilmslow Health Centre operates a policy of Zero Tolerance of any abuse or aggression.

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