Like many other practices up and down the country, we were disheartened by ICBs taking the decision to bulk contract online consulting platforms with little or no consultation of GP practices and end users. In our area, the decision to go with a relatively new provider (that simply doesn’t offer the functionality of AccuRx Plus) has meant that practices have been left with no option but to pay for AccuRx Plus themselves.

Recognising the predicament faced by millions of patients whose practices now face losing the game changing functionality of AccuRx Plus, AccuRx have agreed to consider further discounts depending on the size of patient population commissioning their product.

If we can gather together practices in each ICB who wish to commission AccuRx Plus, we may qualify for a larger discounts if we commission en bulk.

If your practice wishes to be considered for a bulk discount for AccuRx Plus, please complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Accurx Plus includes:

SMS Plus; send unlimited number of documents with your SMS and request unlimited responses

Florey Plus; send any of the 31 pre made medical questionnaires, and create your own

Video Consultations

Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders; send out SMS and Florey questionnaires to unlimited list sizes, set up reminders, and friends and family test.

Patient Triage; the Online Consultation solution 


  • We do not benefit financially in any way from this endeavour other than in hopefully securing what we think is the best online communication tool for our patients at a price that means we can invest more of our dwindling budgets into other areas of primary care.
  • The information on the form below will be submitted to AccuRx to try to negotiate discounts above. Such discounts are purely at AccuRx’s discretion.
  • In some areas, we are aware that SMS texting costs may not be picked up by ICBs/NHS but AccuRx should be able to let you know if this is the case or not. (Contact for this information).

Please use this form to submit your practice details to qualify for a potential discount for the provision of AccuRx PLUS.

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