covid vaccine pass letter

The application process

  1. If you feel you are exempt from being the vaccination programme, you should call 119 to request an NHS COVID Pass medical exemptions application form.
  2. 119 will then send an application form to those deemed eligible.
  3. 119 should inform and explain to any caller if they do not meet the pre-screening assessment criteria.
  4. 119 will send a largely pre-populated application form to those meeting the criteria. The applicants can complete it before sending it to the clinician identified during the 119 pre-assessment. This may be the GP, but could also be a specialist clinician familiar with the patient’s care and reasons for seeking medical exemption.
    NHS Digital has published guidance setting out what the clinician will need to do on receipt of a completed application form.
  5. The applicant will consequently receive an automated letter confirming the decision. This is not the responsibility of the practice and there is no right of appeal for the applicant.

Please note, all requests for consideration of exemption will be judged solely according to the criteria outlined in COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a.

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