There is limited parking at the venue so please try to park elsewhere. There will be pick-up and drop-off points along Chapel Lane, adjacent to Wilmslow Health Centre and the United Reform Church. Please visit this link for further parking information.


Do not turn up early for your vaccination. Patients attending more than 10 minutes before their appointment times will be turned away and asked to return at the correct time


Please attend alone whenever possible and ensure you wear a facemask at all times whilst on clinic premises. In addition, please observe social distancing and leave the premises as soon as you are advised you can do so.

Pre-vaccination information

Please ensure you have read all the information on this link before you attend your appointment.

What to expect

  • When you arrive you will be directed to a quick moving, socially distanced queue.
  • As the queue moves, you will be directed to a vaccination station where a clinician will ask you some short questions (please familiarise yourself with these here) and administer the vaccine into your upper arm as appropriate.
  • Please wear a short sleeved top to ensure we can vaccinate you quickly.
  • One you have been vaccinated, you will be directed to a waiting area. If you have received the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, You should wait in this area until 15 minutes after you have had your vaccination. If you received the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, there is no need to wait but you should not drive for at least 15 minutes after your jab.
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