An Important Service Announcement For Our Patients.

General practice has been in a crisis for many years. This is down to decades of neglect from successive governments which is now putting patient safety at risk.

As GPs we want our patients to know – we’re on your side.

We want to be there for you and your family when you need us. But this is getting harder and harder…

This announcement contains important information about the pressures General Practice is facing across the UK which may mean that access to GP services and wait times may deteriorate in the coming months.

If you want your GP to be there for you and your family, you can help us. Take a look at the campaign video at the bottom of this page and write to your MP demanding that NHS GP services receive the funding urgently needed NOW to stabilise General Practice.

  • GPs carry out 400 million annual appointments
    • October 2022  36.1 million appointments delivered nationally
    • October 2023  37.2 million appointments delivered nationally
  • 90% of NHS contact is in primary care (delivered on less than 8% of the NHS budget)
  • 7.7m suffering patients on hospital waiting lists are placing huge extra demand on primary care
  • GP Surgery Staff are burning out with increased levels sickness and early retirement
  • There are over 6 million more patients on the books and a growing elderly population

On 28th March 2024, the results of a BMA GP referendum were published:

How YOU can help save YOUR GP Surgery

So, what can you do?

✍️ Write to your MP, MS, or MSP – find a quick and easy template for you to use here.

♻️ Re-share @RebuildGP X/Twitter posts to your followers.

🤳 Post on your own social media accounts – X/Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, WhatsApp – using our quick and easy template posts and assets here.

🗣️ Talk to friends and family, letting them know the extent of the crisis and what GPs are doing to provide you with the best quality care under difficult circumstances.

Follow the campaign on Twitter @RebuildGP

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