In March 2024, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt pledged an extra £3.4bn towards boosting NHS productivity through “harnessing new technology” such as AI. There is a danger that this extra funding could be monopolised by the already well funded secondary care sector, leaving primary care (the most efficiently run part of the NHS) scrabbling around for the usual derisory crumbs left over.

It is imperative that Primary Care (which performs over 90% of NHS consultation on less than 8% of the NHS budget) receives its fair share of this newly announced funding. Even just funding generative AI technologies to help in simple admin tasks like note taking could be transformative to an NHS Primary Care on the brink of implosion.

Watch our review of the latest tech that writes your consulting notes as you consult!

Nabla Vs Osler Vs Heidi

The AI notes generated by the three software packages in the test can be found below:

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