On this page you can find helpful information to help you get the most from the services available at Wilmslow Health Centre as well as health related apps, videos, widgets and multimedia.


How to…

  1. Register as a patient at Wilmslow Health Centre.
  2. Order a repeat prescription.
  3. Request a home visit.
  4. Request test results.
  5. Speak to a doctor on the telephone.
  6. Receive dental treatment.
  7. Contact a support group.
  8. Make a complaint.
  9. Arrange for a chaperone.
  10. Obtain a sickness certificate.


  1.  If you are a carer…

Safeguarding Adults and Children

  1. Cheshire Without Abuse (Domestic Abuse Support).
  2. Eastern Cheshire CCG Safeguarding Adults and Children

Useful Links

  1. Download Patient Handbook
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Do I really need to tell the receptionist why I need an appointment?
  4. Complaints Policy.
  5. Zero Tolerance of Abuse Policy.
  6. The Cheshire Care Record.
  7. Cheshire Without Abuse (Domestic Abuse Support).
  8. Local News.
  9. Behind the headlines; your guide to the science that makes the news.
  10. Common Health Questions.
  11. Becoming an organ donor.
  12. LGBT Health at Wilmslow Health Centre.
  13. Self Care Options (Your Health Your Way NHS Guide).
  14. NHS 111.

 Self Care

  1. Pharmacy Minor Ailments Service.
  2. Self Help for Common Conditions.
  3. Refer yourself to free NHS Physiotherapy (You don’t need to see a GP for this).
  4. Refer Yourself to free NHS Psychotherapy and Counselling (You don’t need to see a GP for this).
  5. Start the journey to a healthier You (Friendly local support to help you eat well, lose weight, move more, stop smoking or drink less).
  6. Live Well Cheshire East (Directory of Social Care services provided by Cheshire East Council).

Health Tools

  1. Patient information leaflets.
  2. Live Well NHS Choices.
  3. Women’s Health.
  4. LGBT Health.
  5. Sexual Health.
  6. Contraception Advice.
  7. Self-Help Guide.
  8. Health A-Z.
  9. Travel Vaccination Checker.
  10. Childhood Vaccinations Wall Planner.
  11. Quit Smoking Mobile Phone App.
  12. Fitness Widget.
  13. Alcohol Tracker.
  14. Mobile Phone Alcohol Tracker App.
  15. Pregnancy Tracker.
  16. Depression Questionnaire.

Click for Multimedia

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