Cancer Care Review

We are sorry to hear of your recent cancer diagnosis and as your GP surgery we would like to reach out and offer our support.  
It can be helpful to have an appointment with your GP or Practice Nurse in the first few months after your cancer diagnosis, specifically to discuss the impact that the cancer or its treatment is having on you. This is called a Cancer Care Review. This may be conducted face to face or over the phone and is your opportunity to discuss the issues that are most important to you and how we can help support you. We can discuss any on-going treatment you may have as well as talking through any concerns and fears that you or those that are close to you may have. 
Everyone’s experience of cancer is unique but there is a range of support services and information available to help you, your family and friends at this difficult time: 
For non-medical concerns or worries it might be useful to ask your GP Practice to make you an appointment with the practice Social Prescriber or link worker who, if they can’t directly help, may be able to refer you to someone who can.  

You can also click on the link below for details of local cancer care resources:

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