Wilmslow Health Centre has again laid on over 1000 extra weekend and weekday appointments for registered patients to have their flu jabs this winter. As well as being open for routine appointments every Saturday, Wilmslow Health Centre will be running special clinics in October to ensure that patients are protected against ‘flu this winter.

Call 08432 909 209 to book your appointment now.

Please note that due to additional vaccinations being offered by the Department of Health to patients of the particular age groups of 2, 3, 70 and 79 years, clinics have been arranged for particular patient groups as follows:

1. At Risk Groups* (excluding patients aged 2, 3, 70 and 79 years)

Please book for clinics on the following days:

Saturday 5th October

Saturday 19th October

* The at-risk group eligible for free jabs includes patients with chest problems such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema, patients suffering from heart, liver or kidney disease, patients who have had a stroke and all patients over the age of 65. Those with a weakened immune system or who have had problems with their spleen are also at risk, as well as diabetics and pregnant women. For more information on who is eligible for an NHS ‘flu jab, click here.


2. All Children Aged 2 and 3 years

These patients will be offered a non-injection vaccination so please book for clinics on the following days:

Wednesday 2nd October

Thursday 3rd October

Please click here for more information regarding the vaccination for this age group which comes in the form of a nasal spray.


3. All Patients Aged Either 70 years or 79 years**

These patients will be also offered shingles vaccinations so please book for clinics on the following days:

Thursday 11 October

Thursday 18th October

As well as the annual ‘Flu jab, The Department of Health is offering patients aged 70 or 79 a vaccine to protect them against shingles. For more information on the shingles jab, click here.

** The department of health has made the shingles vaccination available ONLY to those patients aged 70 (with a date of birth between 2nd September 1942 and 1st September 1943) or 79 (with a date of birth between 2nd September 1933 and 1st September 1934). For more information on eligibility for a shingles vaccination, click here.

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